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A nation of innovation
Aug 30, 2016

Canadian Grocer, September issue
By David Sherman

What innovative ideas and products is Canada contributing to the food business? Here, we look at a few centres notable for their creative approach that benefits the food industry. Located in Canada's Niagara Region, the Vineland Research and Innovation Centre is dedicated to horticulture science and the development of new products. Read more

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Easy home harvest with organic potted blueberries
Aug 26, 2016

Consumers can now have container-grown organic blueberries at your fingertips thanks to new production techniques developed at Vineland Research and Innovation Centre. Read more

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The burger project - Colour is king when it comes to tomatoes
Aug 20, 2016

The Toronto Star
By Vanessa Lu

When it comes to eating fruits and vegetables, looks matter. “Your first impression is the colour,” said Jim Brandle, CEO of the Vineland Research and Innovation Centre, a not-for-profit organization focused on innovation in horticulture. Then after the colour and texture are mastered, it comes down to flavour, a balance of sugar and acid. So researchers at the Vineland research centre are hard at work in breeding plants, create variations — to measure colour, sugars and acids, plus ensure a promising yield. Read more

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Grow some eggplant already: Real dirt
Aug 19, 2016

The Toronto Star
By Sonia Day

Vineland Research and Innovation Centre in Niagara, Ont., funded by both government and the agricultural industry, tests new vegetables, fruit and ornamental plants for possible use by Canadian farmers and one of their big stars right now is (like potatoes and tomatoes) a member of the Solanum family. Asians call it “brinjal.” Europeans say “aubergine.” But to North Americans it is “eggplant.” Read more

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Not your ordinary greenhouse construction
Aug 12, 2016

Daily Commercial News
By Mary Baxter  

Sean Racher lost count of the number of times he heard “it’s just a greenhouse,” while managing construction at the Vineland agricultural research hub in the Niagara Region (Vineland Research and Innovation Centre). The 3,700-square-metre greenhouse project, with nearly an acre under glass, was anything but ordinary greenhouse construction. Read more

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Research and commercialization unite at the new Vineland greenhouse technology centre
Aug 11, 2016

Greenhouse Grower Technology, July/August 2016 issue
By Janeen Wright

The new, pre-scale commercial greenhouse facility at Vineland Research and Innovation Centre in Vineland Station, ON, will help accelerate the commercialization of innovative technologies and products coming out of research. Read more

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L’Ontario s’équipe d’une serre de recherche ultramoderne
Aug 4, 2016

La Terre de chez nous, juillet 27, 2016
Myriam Laplante El Haïli

L’Ontario a inauguré le plus grand centre de recherche en serre d’Amérique du Nord le 3 juin. L’objectif? Améliorer l’approvisionnement des marchés ontariens, canadiens, voire internationaux, 12 mois par année, avec des produits horticoles et maraîchers. Le 3 juin dernier près de 550 visiteurs curieux ont exploré les nouvelles installations du Vineland Research and Innovation Centre. Continuez la lecture

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Don’t miss out on the grape drying program at Vineland
Aug 3, 2016

Don't miss your chance to dry grapes at Vineland. Limited opportunities available. Click here to read more.

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Horticultural societies contribute to Highway of Heroes tree-planting project
Aug 1, 2016

Sault Star
By Pat Kerr

The Highway of Heroes Living Tribute project started in 2007 when a 170-kilometre portion of the highway stretching from CFB Trenton to the Don Valley Parkway in Toronto was designated the Highway of Heroes. The planting concept is to produce a living memorial for each of the country’s 117,000 fallen soldiers since Confederation. Keeping trees alive is the key challenge as planting in the compacted and salt-sprayed soils of Canada’s major highways, does not promote longevity of trees. Over the last three years, researchers with Vineland Research and Innovation Centre worked to understand the problems and find solutions. Read more

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What's Growin' On
Jul 28, 2016

TVCogeco - The Source
By Mark Bennett

The Vineland Research Centre opened the gates of their farm recently. Hundreds came out to tour the site and participate in 'What's Growin' On'. Brenda Schultz reports.

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