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Study: Biological treatments in early production of tomatoes
Feb 9, 2017

Produce Grower, February 2017 issue
By Cassie Neiden

At Vineland Research and Innovation Centre in Ontario, Plant Pathology Research Technician Travis Cranmer is working to analyze the efficacy of biopesticides against root diseases in hydroponic tomato production. The study’s findings were released at the Canadian Greenhouse Conference in Niagara Falls in October 2016. Cranmer shares some of his conclusions. Read more

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Unlocking the science of taste and the art of flavor
Feb 6, 2017

SeedWorld Magazine, February 1, 2017
By Julienne Isaacs

Great taste is back on the agenda for fruit and vegetable breeders. People like tomatoes for their flavor and texture, says David Liscombe, a research scientist and biochemist at Ontario’s Vineland Research and Innovation Centre. But for too long, taste and other so-called "consumer traits" have been sidelined in favor of production traits when it comes to fruit and vegetable breeding. Liscombe aims to change that. Read more

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Defeating foxglove aphids
Feb 2, 2017

Greenhouse Management, January 2017 issue
By Karen E. Varga

The foxglove aphid is a pervasive greenhouse pest in ornamental and vegetable crops, infesting a high number of varieties throughout the year. Dr. Michelangelo La Spina, a research associate at Vineland Research and Innovation Centre is designing experiments that will help growers to better understand and manage foxglove aphid populations, especially with biocontrol agents. Read more

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New year, new plants
Jan 30, 2017

Winnipeg Free Press - Home Section, January 7, 2017
By Colleen Zacharias

This year, as our country celebrates its 150th birthday, it seems reasonable to predict that demand by homeowners for the new Canadian Shield rose could exceed supply. Named as the flower of the year by Canada Blooms, this made-in-Canada rose is the first of a series of roses called Vineland’s 49th Parallel Collection, marketed by Ontario’s Vineland Research and Innovation Centre in Ontario. Read more

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Climate Watch Shorts: Farming in a changing climate
Jan 26, 2017

TVO, aired January 25, 2017
By Nam Kiwanuka

New discoveries from Vineland Research and Innovation Centre, located in Niagara, helps farmers deal with the changing climate. With longer, hotter summers come more frequent droughts and new kinds of pests. We look at how Vineland is helping farmers handle the changing climate. View more

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An important biological discovery
Jan 24, 2017

Greenhouse Management, January 2017 issue
By Chris Manning

It was by chance that Taro Saito, a research technician at Vineland Research and Innovation Centre, found the mite that Vineland is currently studying as a potential breakthrough in biological control. Vineland’s research indicates that the mite could be a major asset for greenhouse growers in Canada and the U.S. The mite has a broader prey range than anything else currently in use. Read more

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Prevention and early intervention: the keys to biocontrol success in greenhouse crops
Jan 20, 2017

Greenhouse Grower, January 12, 2017
By Michael Brownbridge

Greenhouse crops (floral and vegetable) are affected by multiple interactive variables that can affect crop development, pest and disease incidence and development, and performance of beneficial species. Dr. Michael Brownbridge, Research Director at Vineland Research and Innovation Centre discusses biocontrol approaches to successful pest control in greenhouses. Read more

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2017 Greenhouse Greats
Jan 16, 2017

Greenhouse Management Magazine, January 2017 issue
By Karen Varga

In this issue of Greenhouse Management, we have the privilege of featuring 10 industry members who are on the cutting edge of positive change in horticulture - Vineland Research and Innovation Centre, Ontario, Canada. Read more

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Pear revival: Two new pears varieties developed in Harrow coming in 2021
Jan 6, 2017

Windsor Star
By Sharon Hill

A blushing pear developed in Harrow is the newest variety expected to help push a pear revival in Canada. By 2020 or 2021, consumers can expect to be biting into two new pears developed at the Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada Harrow and then Vineland Research and Innovation Centre in the Niagara region. Read more

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Canadian scientists are trying to make your tomatoes tasty again
Dec 23, 2016

The Globe and Mail
By Ann Hui

David Liscombe is a research scientist with the Vineland Research and Innovation Centre, which is researching how the taste and flavour of tomatoes has been changed by the industrialization of agriculture. By the time David Liscombe’s plants bear fruit this spring – glistening red, orange, and yellow orbs hanging down like charms from a ragged vine bracelet – those tomatoes will have been years in the making. Read more

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