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Okra trials in BC
Sep 13, 2016

Modern Agriculture, September 7, 2016
By Ronda Payne

If your field has 110 to 120 frost-free days, you like working hard in the summer and you are looking for a new crop to be dedicated to, okra may be just the thing. Okra, a subtropical crop, is being tested for suitability in BC with trial results expected later this summer. Viliam Zvalo, a vegetable production research scientist with the Vineland Research and Innovation Centre in Ontario has been looking at the crop as part of his World Crops research program which looks to expand the food offerings to Canadians to meet changing desires. Read more

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Vineland Research and Innovation Centre working to improve container-grown blueberry plants
Sep 8, 2016

Grimsby Lincoln News
By Luke Edwards

They’ve got the power of blue, the beauty of red and green, and now thanks to Vineland Research and Innovation Centre it’s becoming easier than ever for urban farmers or gardeners to get their hands on their very own blueberry plants. Trials on container-grown blueberries by researchers at the centre have proven successful for what can be a tricky plant to grow and keep alive in containers. Read more

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Locally grown okra could soon be an option in Canada
Sep 7, 2016

AgInnovation Ontario
By Kelly Daynard

It’s no secret that there’s a growing ethnic population of Canadians who have preferences for foods from their home countries. That fact brings with it unique opportunities for farmers to produce crops that haven’t traditionally been grown locally. Okra is one such crop. Dr. Viliam Zvalo is a research scientist in the area of vegetable production at Vineland Research and Innovation Centre (Vineland) and joined the team in 2014 with a mandate to investigate opportunities for world crop production for Canadian farmers. Read more

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Feeding diversity
Sep 2, 2016

Timeline Magazine
By Jiaolin Tian

Vineland Research and Innovation Centre is working on planting exotic vegetables, especially eggplants, in Niagara, ON, so that the market diversity could better respond to the more and more diverse ethnicity in the Canadian society. View more (in Chinese)

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A key online IPM resource
Sep 1, 2016

Greenhouse Canada
By Shelby VanderEnde

The use of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and biocontrol in the greenhouse industry is growing exponentially and greenhouse growers are looking for resources to better understand how to manage pests and biocontrol agents within their production system. A new online tool,, has been launched to meet this need. Read more

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A nation of innovation
Aug 30, 2016

Canadian Grocer, September issue
By David Sherman

What innovative ideas and products is Canada contributing to the food business? Here, we look at a few centres notable for their creative approach that benefits the food industry. Located in Canada's Niagara Region, the Vineland Research and Innovation Centre is dedicated to horticulture science and the development of new products. Read more

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Easy home harvest with organic potted blueberries
Aug 26, 2016

Consumers can now have container-grown organic blueberries at your fingertips thanks to new production techniques developed at Vineland Research and Innovation Centre. Read more

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The burger project - Colour is king when it comes to tomatoes
Aug 20, 2016

The Toronto Star
By Vanessa Lu

When it comes to eating fruits and vegetables, looks matter. “Your first impression is the colour,” said Jim Brandle, CEO of the Vineland Research and Innovation Centre, a not-for-profit organization focused on innovation in horticulture. Then after the colour and texture are mastered, it comes down to flavour, a balance of sugar and acid. So researchers at the Vineland research centre are hard at work in breeding plants, create variations — to measure colour, sugars and acids, plus ensure a promising yield. Read more

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Grow some eggplant already: Real dirt
Aug 19, 2016

The Toronto Star
By Sonia Day

Vineland Research and Innovation Centre in Niagara, Ont., funded by both government and the agricultural industry, tests new vegetables, fruit and ornamental plants for possible use by Canadian farmers and one of their big stars right now is (like potatoes and tomatoes) a member of the Solanum family. Asians call it “brinjal.” Europeans say “aubergine.” But to North Americans it is “eggplant.” Read more

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Not your ordinary greenhouse construction
Aug 12, 2016

Daily Commercial News
By Mary Baxter  

Sean Racher lost count of the number of times he heard “it’s just a greenhouse,” while managing construction at the Vineland agricultural research hub in the Niagara Region (Vineland Research and Innovation Centre). The 3,700-square-metre greenhouse project, with nearly an acre under glass, was anything but ordinary greenhouse construction. Read more

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