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What’s Growin’ On
Jul 31, 2017

By Mark Wikobrado

The Vineland Research and Innovation Centre is celebrating 10 years in Niagara. They held their annual What's Growin' On Open House to display new products and agriculture technologies. Brenda Schultz reports.

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Hot potato: Sweet innovation at Vineland Research
Jul 27, 2017

Distributed to six (6) Sun Media publications in the Niagara Region
By Karena Walter

It’s called the V12B445 but it will have a more palatable name by the time it hits store shelves in 2019. The new sweet potato at Vineland Research and Innovation Centre is the result of years of work to develop a better option for Canadian farmers that’s also embraced by eaters. Read more

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Horticultural research centre marks 10-year anniversary
Jul 25, 2017

AgInnovation Ontario
By Lilian Schaer

It’s been 10 years since a new horticultural research facility in Niagara Region was launched as the Vineland Research and Innovation Centre (Vineland). Since then, Vineland has been turning heads across Canada and internationally with its needs-based innovations. Read more

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Vineland’s quest for the next Canadian apple starts with 20,000 unique trees
Jul 24, 2017

The Grower, August 2017 issue
By Karen Davidson

For the most part, apple breeding is left to other powerhouse countries but Canada’s vastly different apple growing regions demand a cold-hardy variety. It’s going to take years to develop a home-grown variety that’s not only practical in high-density production systems and storage, but offers a distinctive taste for consumers. That’s exactly what Daryl Somers is searching for at the Vineland Research and Innovation Centre. Read more

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A rose for Canada day
Jul 17, 2017

Sudbury Living Magazine, Summer 2017 issue

Red and white plants are getting a lot of attention in the gardening world during Canada’s sesquicentennial. Without a doubt, this year's hottest flower is the Canadian Shield Rose. Read more

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Mighty mite, reared in Canada, could be a big help in protecting greenhouse produce
Jul 12, 2017

Financial Post, June 30, 2017
By Peter Kuitenbrouwer

This 'voracious predator', a type of mite being raised at Ontario's Vineland Research and Innovation Centre, doesn't need males to reproduce and has proved itself proficient in fighting infestations of insects like aphids. Read more

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The rise of microbes offers growers some important new IPM tools
Jul 7, 2017

Greenhouse Canada, July 2017 issue
By Drs. Michael Brownbridge and Rose Buitenhuis

This is the third article in a six-part series providing practical information of an overall IPM program. In nature, insects and mites are commonly infected and killed by naturally occurring micro-organisms and nematodes. Some of these organisms have lent themselves well to commercial development and today several microbial biocontrol agents are registered for pest and disease management in greenhouse crops. Read more

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Grant's Desi Achiever, A Bouquet of Roses for Canada's 150th
Jul 5, 2017

Desi News, July 2017 issue
By Shagorika Easwar

Canadian gardeners are celebrating Canada's 150th birthday with Canadian Shield, a new rose bred at Vineland Research and Innovation Centre. ''It is a beautiful shrub rose. A recurrent bloomer - which means blooms all through summer if it gets full sun - with a light, subtle fragrance," says Dr Par­minderjit Sandhu, the research scien­tist who helped develop the rose. Read more

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Canada 150: Hunger for tomatoes turns Canada into greenhouse superpower
Jun 29, 2017

Financial Post
Story by Peter Kuitenbrouwer with photos and video by Laura Pedersen

It's a burgeoning empire under glass. Canadian farmers now earn more from greenhouse vegetables than from eggs or potatoes. Vineland Research and Innovation Centre has spent $10 million to build a one-acre test greenhouse, which opened last year. “Growing local food in the soil is a limited opportunity for food sovereignty in Canada,” said Jim Brandle, Vineland’s chief executive. “Greenhouse food is safe. Plus, during the winter, you are not bringing things 2,000 miles to Canada’s dinner tables.” Read more

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Local food is becoming more worldly and diverse: The New Farm
Jun 21, 2017

By Owen Roberts, Urban Cowboy

Consumers enjoy a cornucopia of great tasting food choices. But research suggests there’s an opportunity for more, driven mainly by food preferences of the country’s ethnically and culturally diverse population. Viliam Zvalo, a vegetable production researcher at Vineland Research and Innovation Centre in Vineland, Ont. and his research team are working with commercial-scale farmers and retailers to help develop and sell locally produced varieties of the world crops with the most potential to thrive in Canada. Read more

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