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Vineland rolls out new custom services
Jul 10, 2019
Greenhouse Canada Vineland Research and Innovation Centre has just introduced a new venture to their portfolio of activities – customized robotic and automation solutions, as well as consultation and technology assessments, for Canadian horticulture companies. Read more
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Bringing world flavours and foods home to Canada
Jul 8, 2019
National Post By Green Belt Fund Changing Canadian demographics and evolving consumer tastes are opening new marketplace opportunities for farmers, food processors and researchers to bring world crops, not traditionally grown in Canada, and ethnic foods to consumers and food lovers. Read more
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New sweet potato variety could appeal to Canadian growers
Jul 4, 2019 By Astrid Van Den Broek The idea was straightforward: develop a sweet potato variety that could be adapted across Canada so the country could grow more sweet potatoes rather than rely on imports. And so, Radiance was born. Read more
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