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Fuzzy divide: the rise of the nectarine
Sep 27, 2017
TVO By Jeyan Jeganathan The Agenda's Ontario Hubs reporter Jeyan Jeganathan looks at the next big fruit in Ontario, nectarines. More growers in Niagara are opting to grow nectarines in favour of their close relative, peaches. Not only are nectarines more profitable, but they're what consumers are demanding. View more
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Vineland Research tests table grape varieties on local growers, retailers
Sep 25, 2017
Niagara This Week, September 22, 2017 By Luke Edwards, Grimsby Lincoln News Vineland Research and Innovation Centre invited local grape growers, nursery operators, and retailers to test some of the six trials that researchers have been testing since 2014. The trials are aimed at introducing new varieties to the market that could provide different-tasting grapes and extend the season for grown-in-Ontario grapes. Read more
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Worldly food takes root in Ontario
Sep 19, 2017
Special Report: World Crops, GT5, September 16, 2017 By Dick Snyder, Special to the Star At Ontario’s Vineland Research and Innovation Centre, world crops have been a focus since the centre opened about 10 years ago. Amy Bowen leads a team looking deeply at consumer insights and market intelligence to inform research into the kinds of foods that have a potential local market and, importantly, have the ability to be grown in Ontario. Read more
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Local grape-drying system helps Canadian winemakers deal with cooler climate
Sep 12, 2017
AgInnovation Ontario By Lilian Schaer A made-in-Ontario grape-drying system is helping Niagara winemakers work with Canada’s shorter growing season and produce more premium wines in the process. Vineland Research and Innovation Centre adapted for use in Canada a centuries-old grape-drying tradition from Italy called Appassimento. Read more
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Fruit growers look to science for help
Sep 7, 2017
St. Catharines Standard, August 30, 2017 by Grant Lafleche Researchers from the Vineland Research and Innovation Centre said seven varieties of peaches, nectarines and pears — developed as part of a three-year project with University of Guelph and Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada — will soon be on grocery store shelves. Read more
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How to use non-crop plants
Sep 6, 2017
Greenhouse Canada, September 2017 issue By Drs. Rose Buitenhuis and Michael Brownbridge This is the fifth article in a six-part series providing practical information of an overall IPM program. Vineland investigates the role of non-crop plants for pest and disease management. These plants are not grown to sell, but only to create an environment that is detrimental to pests and diseases and/or beneficial to biological control agents.  Read more
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Not just for bugs
Sep 1, 2017
GrowerTalks By Ashley Summerfield, Anissa Poleatewich, Rose Buitenhuis and Michael Brownbridge The use of biological control has been steadily increasing in both ornamental and vegetable greenhouse crops. Since many disease-management programs rely on the use of preventative measures, the use of microbial biocontrol agents should be a natural fit. Why aren’t more growers using them? At Vineland Research and Innovation Centre, we’ve been putting biological products to the test. Read more
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