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A new propagation opportunity
Aug 15, 2017
Greenhouse Canada, August 2017 issue By Lilian Schaer Canada’s first sweet potato variety is expected for release next year. “Canadian sweet potato growers use U.S. propagators and breeding programs because we don’t have the infrastructure and varieties here,” said research scientist Viliam Zvalo of Vineland. "Our challenge is to figure out how we can produce them here so we can supply Canadian growers with quality slips at a reasonable price.” Read more
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IPM update: 1001 ways to use predatory mites
Aug 9, 2017
Greenhouse Canada, August 2017 issue By Drs. Rose Buitenhuis and Michael Brownbridge This is the fourth article in a six-part series providing practical information of an overall IPM program. Commercially available predatory mites vary between specialist spider mite predators and generalist species that prey on a multitude of pests. Some also feed on plant sap, pollen or nectar. Some like plants with smooth leaf surfaces, others like their plants to be more hairy. Obviously, one mite does not fit all situations. Read more
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The perfect peach is just a few years away
Aug 8, 2017
The Toronto Star By Sonia Day, Gardening Mike Kauzlaric scours the world for peach trees that can be grown successfully in Canada. He’s part of a research team at Vineland in Niagara who test new kinds of fruits, vegetables and ornamental plants. Read more
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Dix ans d’innovation à Vineland
Aug 4, 2017
L'Express Lilian Schaer (AgInnovation Ontario) Il y a dix ans, le centre de recherche et d’innovation en horticulture Vineland ouvrait ses portes. Depuis, l’institution attire l’attention au Canada et à l’étranger par ses innovations axées sur les besoins. Elle représente chaque maillon de la chaîne de valeur horticole, des producteurs aux consommateurs. Read more
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Tasty tomatoes
Aug 3, 2017
Produce Grower, August 2017 issue By Maddie Capron There may be no such thing as a perfect tomato, but due to research by Amy Bowen and Dave  Liscombe at the Vineland Research and Innovation Centre, growers are one step closer to producing great ones. Read more
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Why nectarines are the next big thing
Aug 2, 2017
The Grower, August 2017 issue By Karen Davidson Nectarines, the fuzzless peach, used to occupy a narrow slice of tender fruit offerings in Ontario. The fruit is starting to take away acreage from peaches, now accounting for 14 per cent of tender fruit volumes. And Vineland Research and Innovation Centre using a sensory evaluation panel can provide feedback on whether new varieties are hitting the mark. Read more 
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