Vineland Research Station


The Vineland Research Station was created through a gift by Moses F. Rittenhouse in 1906. This generous endowment contributed to the emergence of a competitive tender fruit industry, and more recently, wine and greenhouse industries, in one of Canada’s most unique geographic regions.

Vineland is located in the town of Lincoln, Niagara Region. It consists of 35 buildings (165,000 square feet) with a 218 acre land base. The site is located within a unique combination of micro-climate and an "urban-rural" environment protected by the Ontario Greenbelt legislation.

In 2006, a panel was established by the Ontario's Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs to develop a vision that would lead to the transformation of Vineland into a world-class research and innovation centre.

A process was followed to understand the history of Vineland, the current operating environment and future needs of stakeholders. Today Vineland employs over 100 research and support staff, leading science and innovation for the Canadian horticultural industry.

For a comprehensive history of Vineland's first 100 years, please refer to the book entitled Celebrating A Century of Success, 1906-2006 by the Horticultural Experiment Station, Vineland and the University of Guelph.