Date Posted: Jun 15, 2017
Closing Date: Jul 14, 2017
4890 Victoria Avenue North, Vineland Station, Ontario

Vineland Research and Innovation Centre (Vineland) is recruiting for an Advisor - Business Development. You will be joining a highly-skilled research team, with oversight from an independent Board of Directors, engagement from an international Science Advisory Committee and collaboration with more than 160 global partners.

Vineland’s goal is to enhance Canadian growers’ commercial success through results-oriented innovation. We are an independent, not-for-profit horticulture research organization funded in part by Growing Forward 2.

Vineland has committed to a set of key values that are integral to the way we do business, and we are seeking people who exemplify them:

Excellence: We bring the best science, the best people and the best approach to every challenge Integrity: We do what we say we’re going to do Entrepreneurial Spirit: We accept risk to achieve results Openness: We embrace and manage change and are open to new ideas, wherever they originate Collaborative Approach: We partner to get results Impact-Driven: We set and achieve challenging goals and measure success by acres in the field and shelf space in the grocery store