Appassimento chamber at Kew Vineyards

Business Development Office (BDO)

Lana Culley and her Business Development team work closely with Vineland's Research Directors in Horticultural Production Systems, Applied Genomics and Consumer Insights to tailor research and business agreements that are a fit for industry partnerships. The BDO is also charged with aligning business and science interests by facilitating commercialization and technology transfer activities.

Vineland has established a unique role in horticulture technology scouting. Vineland investigates and identifies leading edge technologies and innovations of value to Canadian horticulture. These opportunities may be in Canada or in other agri-food jurisdictions around the world. Potential also exists for the horticulture industry in the transfer of technology, such as robotics, from non-agricultural sectors that have already invested in new developments.

Currently, our 'innovation' portfolio consists of two issued patents and five applications, 29 Plant Breeders' Rights files, four U.S. Plant Patents and six trademarks.

Following direction from industry stakeholders, Vineland is exploring technology options that offer new ways to reduce labour, increase yields and improve the profit picture for the horticulture industry. Rapid access to new technologies and discoveries, such as new cultivars, through agreements with technology providers is an effective way to provide growers with new tools.