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Darren Ward – Manager, Business Planning & Commercialization

Darren Ward works with Vineland's research teams to support business planning and mapping the pathways to market for Vineland’s technologies. In his capacity he provides direct support to Vineland’s partners and licensees to ensure successful commercialization and the creation of impact. Darren also explores new and innovative business models for bringing Vineland's technologies to market.

Amanda Moen - Advisor, Business Development

Amanda Moen is involved in various activities to support Vineland's research teams from the Opportunity Analysis stage to commercialization. She also conducts market research and patent and prior art searches while engaging partners and collaborators.

Michael Kauzlaric – Technology Scout & Grower Outreach

Michael Kauzlaric scouts for new technologies, including various tree fruit varieties to fill gaps in the existing pipelines and to improve the overall profitability of the Canadian horticulture sector. He consults regularly with industry and provides feedback on technologies and innovations of potential value. He is also Vineland’s liaison to various grower networks across the country. Ultimately, Michael searches for new ways to reduce labour, increase yields and improve the profit picture for the horticulture industry.

Beth Sappelt-Skurnac - Coordinator, Contracts & Intellectual Property

Beth Sappelt-Skurnac is responsible for a number of activities to support Vineland’s research and business activities. Some of these include: managing and tracking Vineland’s many agreements; coordinating business-related reporting with licensees and licensors; and managing and tracking the IP portfolio (patents, trademarks, and Plant Breeders’ Rights).